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Why am I fainting?

Written by Louise

Well, not exactly fainting, but I came very close to it late Wednesday evening, and it’s also the reason why yesterday’s Daily Life Update didn’t happen.

Wednesday’s post had a photo of a swollen ankle that the original source claimed to be a ruptured achilles tendon. After I posted it, I was looking through the images that came up on Google of tendon injuries in various states and started to feel a bit queasy. I’m known for being squeamish about some injuries, and I’ve had a variety of tendon injuries over the years (including an achilles injury), and once my imagination gets to work, it’s all too easy to imagine the horrible things that could happen to me if I don’t look after my body.

I’m starting to do it now in fact, so I’d better move on quickly!

I rarely feel faint sitting down, but the familiar rushing feeling in my ears told me I’d better get Oli off my lap, get out of the chair and lie down on the floor – quickly, unless I wanted to wait until I fell. After several minutes of lying on the floor, going through rushing, then hissing, in my ears, and by this time soaked with sweat, I felt well enough to get up. My stomach felt a bit wobbly, and I had to make a quick trip to the toilet – sorry, TMI, but it happened! – but other than that, the feeling passed, and I was able to get on with the rest of my evening.

In the early hours of the morning, when I got up to feed Zack, it happened again. I sat down with my head between my knees to try and clear it, then got up because my computer was making a funny noise. (I do have certain priorities in life!) I was starting to sweat, so took my fluffy dressing gown off, and then became totally engrossed in trying to eliminate the mysterious computer noise … which eventually went away on its own. I went back to bed, concluding I must have got too hot.

Yesterday evening, I had Oli on my lap (again – yes, this has become part of his evening routine) and started to feel funny again. Fortunately, Oli chose that moment to get up, or I probably would have tried to ride it out to avoid disturbing him, and I distracted myself with getting up to get coffee. It worked too, but by that time I was feeling slightly nervous at the prospect of thinking about things like ankle injuries, which are showing up in my blog posts with irritating frequency now, so I spent the rest of the evening googling possible causes and asking in the B12/PA group on FaceBook if anyone else had experienced it.

Meanwhile, I noticed another symptom. My heart was thumping away. It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say it was pounding in my chest.

I ended up with 3 possibilities:

  1. Low blood pressure, or (more likely) a dip in blood pressure, possibly brought on by my body fighting an illness that is yet to reveal itself.
  2. A surge of adrenaline – the kind of thing that’s usually caused by anxiety or a panic attack … except that I’ve never had panic attacks and I’m the most non-anxious person I know.
  3. My body’s poor tolerance for magnesium supplements.

I had decided the magnesium supplements were the most likely culprit, since they’re the newest thing in my supplement arsenal, and I’m going to stay off them for a few days. But, reading through what I’ve just written, I wonder if the surge of adrenaline isn’t more likely than I imagined. Twice, I made the feeling pass by distracting myself, which probably wouldn’t have happened if there was something physically wrong rather than it being caused by something that was going on in my head.

Adrenaline isn’t only released in response to anxiety. There are other triggers, such as excitement and anticipation, and I have just ordered myself a Christmas present that I’m very excited about (more about that in another post). Maybe my body isn’t well enough yet to handle big surges of adrenaline.

More B12 may be needed!


  1. That last B12 comment was (mostly) flippant.
  2. TMI = too much information.

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