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Written by Louise

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed that the Daily Life Updates are no more.

There’s a reason for that – honest!

Aside from the obvious – that I unexpectedly stopped posting every day in December of last year – things have changed somewhat in my life, and it means Daily Life Updates, at least in their old format, have become somewhat obsolete.

They were created as a way of monitoring my B12 deficiency, and keeping track of my symptoms, supplements and other activities – kind of like a B12 diary – and since my health is pretty stable now on a regular injection and supplement regime, it seems rather pointless to repeat the same thing day in, day out. And boring too. There is that.

And as for the weather … I know I’m British, but even I can get bored with saying, “It was hot and sunny again today,” after a while. (Weather updates may return in the winter – and I bet you’re excited about that!)

So, today’s post is something of a not-Daily Life Update, just to talk about all the things that are happening – or more to the point, not happening – in my little part of the world.

The unfixable leak (see this post) still seems to be unfixable. In fact, despite the plumber’s assurances that he’d be back on Monday or Tuesday, I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him since Saturday, when he dug up part of my drive and created a new leak on the other side of the original one. I just love Spanish tradesmen. (And since I’m asexual, I don’t even get to go weak over his Mediterranean good looks, so there’s absolutely no benefit to him being here whatsoever.)

This wouldn’t bother me so much because I hate my routine being disturbed by unwanted visits from random people, but I also don’t like a large part of my garden being under water. And as for the next water bill … I do hope my landlord’s aren’t going to expect me to pay it!

Since my landlords don’t seem to have a plan to get it fixed, I have a – somewhat – cunning plan of my own, which involves taking control of the situation myself by getting someone I know to fix it, and sending the bill to my landlords. What could possibly go wrong? (Actually, the plan is to talk to the English-speaking agent about it, and see if I can make my plan official. Getting someone to do it and just assuming my landlords will pay would be a long way short of cunning, after all.)

Meanwhile, I took advantage of not having to plan my life around tradesmen’s visits, and went to the market this morning to get some cheap fruit and veg. I avoided the cherry scam stall, and went to one further down where cherries were 1.50€ a kilo, which seemed like a much more reasonable price. Altogether, I got 8 kilos of fruit and veg for 8.50€, and most of it was in decent condition, so I had a successful trip.

But I’m still so looking forward to the figs being ripe. Life’s so much easier when I can just pick my fruit off the tree, and don’t have to haul it up from town every week.

(Photo: Fruit, with paraguayos, as mentioned in this post, in the foreground.)

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