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Today is a good day

Written by Louise

At least, it turned out that way in the end.

After the chaos of this morning (which I’ll explain in more detail in a moment), I came in from having my shower to find two important emails in my inbox.

  1. Received Funds Notification – You have received a commission payout to your eWallet from MattLloydPublications.
  2. Carson Services, Inc sent you money via PayPal.

The two companies that pay the bulk of my income, and within minutes of each other, which is very nice.

Anyway, the day did not start quite so well.

I was organised this morning, and had just got my bike loaded up with recycling, which I was taking on my way into town, when Jimmy chased a rat up one of the olive trees. He immediately started barking and whining, and launching himself at the tree in his efforts to reach the rat.

Normally, I wouldn’t mind, but after last summer’s escape efforts, both dogs are now shut in the conservatory when I go out, and getting Jimmy to even hear me calling him when all his focus is on hunting rats is a challenge. So, I shouted for a while, and loudly gave Rufus biscuits, but it had no effect on Jimmy, who was now biting the trunk of the tree in obvious frustration. (It’s a good thing olive trees are tough!)

Taking my bike to the gate often gets Jimmy’s attention, so I pushed my bike to the gate, unlocked the padlock and put the keys away in my pocket. Still no reaction from Jimmy.

After a failed attempt to chase him away from the tree and towards the conservatory, which was more like chasing him round it – and I’m glad no-one was watching – I gave up and went into the house to get his harness and lead to drag him in. Of course, as soon as he saw me with the harness, he thought we were going for a walk, and came running!

I shut them in and headed to town, padlocking the gate shut behind me.

I have a few different spots in town where I leave my bike, and I try to mix things up a bit so it’s never in the same spot too many times in a row. I don’t know if it really does make it less likely to get stolen, but it seems like a good idea! Today, I had some heavy shopping to buy, so I leaned it against the railings in the closest spot to Mercadona and secured the lock.

I always check my pocket just as I’m doing up the lock, to check my keys are there, but I’d noticed I’ve been getting a bit complacent recently. Rather than checking the keys are there before I fasten the lock, I’ve taken to checking just after, and that’s exactly what I did today. Except that today the pocket was empty.

With a sinking feeling, I checked my other pockets. Then I checked my handbag, even though I knew the keys weren’t there because it was already in the bottom of one of my panniers, underneath the recycling, when I unlocked the gate. I tried to think back. Perhaps I hadn’t put them in my pocket after all. Had I dropped them on the ground? Had I left them in the padlock? No, I couldn’t have done that, or I would have noticed when I locked the gate on my way out. Had I put them on the conservatory table when I gave Rufus biscuits?

There was nothing to do but start walking home, and it wasn’t until about half an hour later, when I was only a few minutes away, that I realised what I’d done with the keys. I’d taken them out of my pocket when I went inside to get Jimmy’s harness, and must have left them in the door.

I spent the next few minutes alternately worrying that someone would have used to keys to let themselves in, and feeling annoyed with Jimmy for causing so much hassle.

Climbing over the gate to get back in wasn’t as difficult as I’d feared, and I found the keys exactly where I’d expected. Then I had to walk back into town.

Last week, I bought myself some new cycling sandals in the market, and they seemed to be coping well with the unexpected walk. The man on the stall had told me they were comfortable, and I had smiled privately to myself – they needed to have grippy soles and be secure on my feet; comfort was low on my list of priorities – but I appreciated it as I headed back down the road towards town. Walking for over an hour in brand new shoes was always risky, but they hadn’t rubbed.

When I got back to town, I had a sore ankle, and that side of my foot has now swelled up nicely!

A part of me would like to blame Jimmy, but hopefully it will teach me to pay more attention to where I’ve put my keys in future.

Fortunately, the weather’s been cooler today, so I wasn’t trekking up and down in extreme heat.

Weather 15th June 2016

It’s actually cool enough this evening that I’ve had to get one of my lightweight hoodies back out of the wardrobe – I thought I wouldn’t need them again until the end of summer – but the wind, which has been blowing all day, seems to have stopped now, so I hope I’ll get away with not putting a blanket on the bed tonight. I’ll make sure I have one ready just in case the wind gets up again in the early hours.

(Photo is my new cycling sandals. Nicely worn in now, and probably, since they were quite cheap, on their way to being worn out!)

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