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The power of positive energy

Written by Louise

A couple of days ago, I wrote this post about the Law of Attraction, and I promised to share a ‘rags to riches’ video that I found very inspiring. And I will share that video, but first I want to talk about something else.

I’ve been thinking about the Law of Attraction and how the kind of mental energy we share with others is reflected back in what the universe gives us, and the difficulties I’ve been facing recently are starting to make sense. It’s no secret that I’ve been feeling quite down lately – ever since LJ went home, in fact – and the last couple of months have been very hard in both an emotional and practical sense. My efforts to increase my income have been largely unsuccessful so far, and my efforts to meet new people and build positive and enriching relationships haven’t gone much better!

But it goes back a lot further than that. Life has been getting progressively more difficult for over a year, and I can’t blame it all on being ill with B12 deficiency. My mental attitude (which has been far from positive) has to take some of the blame.

Yesterday evening, I finally realised what’s been going on, and I scrolled down my FaceBook feed unfollowing almost every group I’ve joined and most of the people I’ve befriended in the last year and a half. I’m left with family, close friends, a selection of business related groups and business contacts, a few FaceBook-only friends who I really like, and groups and pages that only post positive and uplifting stuff.

I’d managed to surround myself with negative people.

The realisation came when someone posted a photo in a group of a woman giving a desperately thin child a drink from a bottle of water. The poster suggested we should take more time to appreciate the good things in our lives because there are so many people worse off than we are. (Which is something I totally agree with. There are 64 million people living in the wet and cold UK who are far worse off than I am because they don’t get to see the sun every day. Sorry, fellow Brits, but it’s the truth!)

Her attempt at creating a positive atmosphere was swamped with negative comments. How dare she say ‘I’ should be grateful for what ‘I’ have when she has no idea how difficult ‘my’ life is. I criticised the ‘it’s all about me’ attitude of the group, and then – predictably, I guess – they turned on me.

That was when I decided to walk away. I didn’t leave the group, but I unfollowed it, so I’ll no longer stumble across its posts in my feed. And while I was doing that, I unfollowed a load of other negative groups as well. And then I turned my attention to negative people. It felt liberating, and it set me wondering what else I could do to exchange the negative influences in my life for positive.

And then I realised.

Over 2 years ago, shortly after I split up with my ex towards the end of 2013, I signed up as an affiliate with a new business. That business inspired me to such an extent that I did this in my first 12 months.

MOBE commissions 1st 12 months

Now, $37,000 may not seem like that much to some people, but it was an awful lot to me when my ex left me destitute and not even able to pay the rent. Of course, it slowed down in 2015 when I started to get ill and didn’t have the energy or mental capacity to focus on the business, but it showed exactly what I could achieve – from nothing – when I felt motivated and inspired.

Back in 2014, I would sit down in front of my computer every morning to eat my breakfast while listening to the an internet radio show by JT DeBolt. JT is a success coach, and he’s very, very good at what he does. Every day, after listening to his show, I’d be excited and enthusiastic about the day ahead. Some mornings, I would even listen to him twice, just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything!

I didn’t even know if JT’s show was still running, but I still had the website saved in my bookmarks, so this morning, I sat down with my breakfast and loaded it up … and listened to 20 minutes of pure inspiration.

Part way through, I had to pause it because I was starting to cry. When JT said “…and then you say, ‘I’ll find a way'” I realised that was exactly what I had written in a blog post over 2 years ago. It was exactly what I’d thought when I didn’t have any money to invest in my new business, but I was determined to find a way to make it happen. And I did, because I was determined and committed, and all the mental energy I shared was positive.

Instead of spending all my mental energy getting into arguments with people on FaceBook, I spent it on helping people, encouraging them and inspiring them. What I was doing with my own business wasn’t that much different from what I’ve been doing for the last 6 months or so, but the results I was getting were very different.

And I realised that’s where I’ve been going wrong. While the man in the video I’m about to share with you shares his success with others, encouraging them and inspiring them by being an example of what’s possible with positive energy and enthusiasm, I was filling myself with negative energy and letting it drag me down.

It’s time for a change.

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(Yes, he’s selling something. No, you’re under no obligation to buy it. Either way, his story is inspiring.)

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