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The mystery of the unfixable leak

Written by Louise

About 3 weeks ago, a water leak developed in my garden. I reported it to my landlord, who came out and turned my water off (fairly standard practice in Spain) so it was no longer leaking. Then he came back at his leisure, which did turn out to be later that day, to effect repairs. After a few hours and several trips back and forth to the ferretería (which is kind of like a hardware shop, but not exactly), he finally concluded he couldn’t fix it, so he’d have to call a plumber out.

This marked the beginning of an ongoing farce that’s left me with a permanent pond under one of the almond trees, a lot of mud and – now – a big chunk out of the driveway.

And is the leak fixed? Absolutely not.

Before the plumber left today, he explained to me (in Spanish, but I got the gist from his frustrated tone and arm waving) that the whole garden will have to be dug up, from the fence to where the water pipe enters the house. Obviously, he needs to speak to my landlord about this, so the earliest he’s likely to be back is Monday, but it will probably be later in the week.

Considering this is Spain and a man’s masculinity is determined by the size of his heavy machinery – or, failing that, power tools – I’m having visions of a full size JCB churning around in the mud in my garden and destroying anything in its path.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m still living here – in this house in particular, not Spain in general – when I’ve moved over less, and this is only one in the long string of problems I’ve had since living here. There was the leak by the pool, there’s the leak under the sink, the dodgy flush on the toilet, the worn out filtration system on the pool, the electrics that trip randomly and without any apparent provocation … although that last is obviously Endesa’s fault and has nothing at all to do with ‘Spanish wiring’. There’s something about this place that makes me not want to move. In spite of all the problems, and the chaos, I’m happy here. I’m happier than I’ve been in a very long time.

It’s helped by the weather being good, of course.

Weather 18th June 2016

As you may or may not have noticed, the wind direction has shifted, and it’s now coming from the east, which is generally the warm wind direction at this time of year. Although there’s very little wind at all at the moment, as evidenced by the zeros in the image above. There was just enough to make my siesta in the sun (Spanglish for ‘afternoon nap’) bearable this afternoon, so I was able to drift off to sleep quite nicely.

I’ve got through another day without resorting to painkillers today (and I must write a separate post about my theory for that at some point), but I keep forgetting to take my folic acid, which is bad. I do take it later, but I’m not sure that taking 10mg all at the same time is the best way to go about things.

(Photo is Jimmy and Rufus examining latest expansion of the mess in the garden.)

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