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The local cherry scam

Written by Louise

I went to the market in town this morning, mainly to buy some cherries, but also hoping to get a few paraguayos (they look kind of like squashed peaches, but taste nicer), and maybe also some plums. Last week, I’d picked up a whole box of cherries from one of the stalls for just 2€ – they were small, which explained the low price, but tasted lovely, and very few had been wasted.

I tend to get distracted when I go to the market because there are lots of lovely clothes stalls, so I just took 5€ with me, figuring that would be enough to buy all the fruit I wanted.

The stall I’d visited last week was busy, but I soon spotted the cherries near the front. They were a bit bigger than the ones I’d bought last week, so I figured the price would be a bit higher, but probably not much more. There was no price label on them, but I wasn’t really surprised. The wind was very strong, and several of his price labels seemed to be blowing around the market. I selected a box of cherries, and waited.

When the stallholder turned to me, I handed him my cherries and he put the box in a bag for me, tying it tightly and then making 2 holes in the top for me to use as handles. (He’s obviously done that many times before!) I asked him the price.

“Five euros,” he said.

I stared at the note in my hand for a moment, glanced across at the paraguayos – I still had a few left in the fridge, but this week’s looked particularly tasty – then passed the note over to him.

As I walked away from the stall, I regretted just giving him the money. I should have said I didn’t want them at that price, I should have gone to another stall where I know I could have got a box of cherries for less money, but my deeply ingrained British manners stopped me.

Always be polite. Don’t make a fuss. Don’t make a scene.

This is why we Brits find it hard to complain about anything.

The cherries are sweet and juicy, but sadly there was a lot of wastage. I think I threw away more bad ones transferring them from the box to the fridge that I have over the whole of the last week.

But you live and learn. I won’t be going back to that stall again!

And on another note, it’s been bloody cold today. Not cold in the sense of … well, cold, but quite shockingly cold when compared to the last few days. There’s been a chilly north-westerly wind blowing all day, and I closed all the windows at the back of the house this evening to keep it out. I’d already put the blanket on the bed during the night last night, and I still woke up shivering this morning. I don’t want another night like that!

Weather Underground doesn’t do the unpleasantness of today’s temperature justice.

Weather 16th June 2016

I really hope it sorts itself out tomorrow because having to close windows in June is ridiculous. I’ll have to put the kitchen window back on its hinges if this carries on much longer.

(No, today’s cherries don’t look much like the ones in the photo, but it’s easier to download a free image off Pixabay than to go to the fridge and take a photo!)

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