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The leaves are falling

Written by Louise

The fig tree has lost most of its leaves. They seem to have fallen in the last few days. I’ve been watching it and wondering when it would happen.

My year seems to revolve mostly around watching the fig tree. Recently, I’ve been waiting for it to lose its leaves. Then it will be bare, and in spring, I’ll examine it every day for signs of new growth. Then the green figs will come, they’ll grow, and fall. After that, the proper figs will appear, and my routine will change to examining them every day, and waiting for the first one to ripen. In July, the challenge will be to pick them and freeze them fast enough, before they go over. September … well, I hate that part of the fig tree cycle, because it’s the time when the figs are over and winter is coming. (Isn’t that from Game of Thrones?)

I suspect I may be a little unusual in my obsession with the fig tree. Most people here are more interested in olive trees, but I don’t like olives. The only thing I find interesting about olives is olive oil, and I can buy that in the supermarket.

Anyway, even though Weather Underground doesn’t seem to think so, today has been unseasonably warm, and the night time temperatures are unseasonably warmer. I haven’t even put the warm air blower on this evening, and it’s December. How good is that?

Weather 11th December 2015

I’ve had a bit of an odd couple of days, as I explained in this post, which also explains the absence of yesterday’s Daily Life Update. The good news is, I haven’t nearly fainted yet this evening – but the day isn’t over yet, so there’s still time – so I’m hoping things may be getting back to normal.

I took painkillers yesterday morning, and again this morning. I actually took yesterday’s at about 6am, when I got up to give Zack his second night time meal – yes, I do get up twice in the night to feed him. If he doesn’t get fed when he wants to get fed, he throws up, and cat vomit is not something you want to deal with first thing in the morning. I had a headache, my head felt really stuffed up, and I couldn’t breathe very well, so I took caffeine/ibuprofen and a Stop Cold tablet (with pseudoephedrine). I thought that combination would keep me awake, but I actually went back to sleep quite nicely, and then overslept and didn’t make it into town to do the shopping. This oversleeping thing is becoming a bit frequent!

This morning, I did manage to get up, which is a good thing because I wouldn’t have had anything to eat if I hadn’t gone to town, and took caffeine/ibuprofen an hour or so after getting up.

The last 2 days’ supplements have looked like this (the same both days):

  • One Jarrow’s 5,000mcg methylB12 before breakfast
  • 4 Swanson 500mcg B12 capsules spread across the day
  • 2 Valupak 400mcg folic acid tablets with breakfast
  • 2 Quest One-a-Day multivitamins with lunch
  • 2 Incite 5,000IU D3 with lunch
  • One Jarrow MK7 90mcg K2 with lunch
  • 4 Health Aid 30mg iron bisglycinate, 2 first thing in the morning and 2 last thing before bed with some orange juice to help absorption

As explained in this post (the same one I linked earlier), I’ve decided to give the magnesium a miss for a few days, and see if that helps with the fainting problem. If it does, I’ll give it a week, then try to reintroduce it very slowly, one capsule at a time. I suppose I should get some kind of moisturiser or oil for my skin that contains magnesium instead, at least for now, which is a real pain because I wanted to avoid that and just take supplements. (Swallowing a pill is easier, and I already have body care products I like to use.)

As mentioned in previous updates, I skipped my workout yesterday because of my swollen ankle, and skipped it again today because my ankle doesn’t seem to be any better. I will be back on the cross trainer tomorrow because I have a cunning plan …

(And no points for knowing where I got the idea for that because it’s way too obvious. More obvious than the Game of Thrones reference to anyone with taste in classic TV.)

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