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Scrub that! It’s hot – too hot

Written by Louise

I don’t know how I coped with the weather last summer. I must have been so severely anaemic that I couldn’t get warm whatever I did. Today hasn’t even matched the hottest temperatures of last summer, and I’m already wilting.

Weather 14th June 2016

It isn’t actually as hot now as it was this time yesterday, but the wind measurement thingy is lying. There’s absolutely no wind at all, and it’s going to be stifling in bed tonight. I’m wondering if I should even bother going to bed because I don’t think there’s much chance of me sleeping!

I have realised that my protein shakers (designed for protein shakes, funnily enough!) make perfect water bottles. At a guess, they each hold about 750ml, or maybe a bit more, and I have 3 of them, so I can always have 2 chilling in the fridge while I’m drinking from the other one. Last year, I was drinking water at ‘room temperature’, but this year I’m enjoying it more chilled. Maybe I do need that extra bit of help to stay cool.

(Photo: They look quite smart, too, and only cost about 2€ each.)

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