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Scary return of symptoms

Written by Louise

After my bad bout of exercise induced rhinitis on Thursday and feeling like I had flu all day yesterday (which led to yesterday’s daily update being missed), today I’m feeling rather better. Not right, and it seems to have brought a lot of my B12 deficiency symptoms back to the surface, but definitely a lot better.

Today’s weather has been pleasant, and it doesn’t feel nearly as chilly this evening as Weather Underground is saying. But what would I know? My body is so confused at the moment that I’m still not sure whether I’m hot or cold. I’ll just be happy if this weather continues for a while longer.

Weather 28th November 2015

Today has been a day of doing very little, although I did manage to get on the cross trainer this afternoon, and did 10km in 42 minutes. I’m starting on my new plan to use resistance setting ‘3’ most of the time, in an effort to not have any more days like the last two, and just tried to take it very easy today. I think part of the problem is when I make my big muscles (particularly glutes and quads) work harder and increase their demand for oxygen, so I’m trying to keep to an effort level where I don’t notice my arms or legs working hard and I don’t want to breathe faster to satisfy them. It’s kind of boring, but if it helps …

I’ve added another iron tablet to my supplement list, increased my vitamin D to 10,000IU, and upgraded to a whole magnesium tablet, so the day’s supplements look like this:

  • One Jarrow’s 5,000mcg methylB12 before breakfast
  • 3 Swanson 500mcg B12 capsules (opened for quick absorption) immediately after my workout
  • One effervescent magnesium tablet (in water) mid morning
  • 2 Quest One-a-Day multivitamins with lunch
  • 2 Incite 5,000IU D3 with lunch
  • One Jarrow MK7 90mcg K2 with lunch
  • 90mg of iron bisglycinate (2 first thing in the morning and one last thing before bed) with some orange juice to help absorption

I’m starting to think I need to upgrade my B12 intake from oral supplements to injections, and I need to do it sooner rather than later. Some of the neurological symptoms of B12 deficiency have come back stronger than ever since Thursday’s workout, and I actually struggled with the idea of heating up soup for dinner tonight (skipped dinner altogether the last 2 nights because it seemed too challenging to prepare). As soon as I get tired, my brain seems to stop functioning, and I ended up standing next to the cooker, looking at the soup I’d just taken out of the fridge, and wondering what to do with it.

That’s scary.

(Featured image is from Flickr. She looks exactly how I feel tonight.)

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