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I need more than 5 hours sleep, Rufus!

Written by Louise

I don’t know what these dogs spent the night doing while they were in kennels, but I don’t think it was sleeping.

When we went to bed last night, my well behaved Jimmy spent 10 minutes licking me then, despite the heat that had me sleeping on top of the sheet, tried to spend the rest of the night snuggling with me. Meanwhile, Rufus fidgeted, gazed through the window into the garden, and demanded a toilet break at 1am and another one at 6am. With an interruption somewhere in there to give Zack his middle-of-the-night snack, I’d be surprised if I even got as much as 5 hours.

(No, Jimmy isn’t really ‘the well behaved one.’ He was the ringleader in escaping from the garden, and he’s the one who can spend several hours barking at a lavender bush, but he does seem to behave himself when I’m trying to do something important – like sleep.)

Nocturnal Rufus. Having kept me awake most of the night, he now seems to be planning to sleep all day.

Nocturnal Rufus. Having kept me awake most of the night, he now seems to be planning to sleep all day.

Tired doesn’t come close to describing how I feel today. Limp would be better (the temperature is already in the mid 30s at midday, so that isn’t helping) and I was ready to take a siesta within 2 hours of getting up. I have managed to prune the new growth away from the bases of some more olive trees, and get rid of some of the bramble cuttings from last week by chucking them in the arroyo. Apparently, at least judging from the amount of dead bramble cuttings that are already in there, this is the tried and tested method of disposing of bramble cuttings. I’m not sure that it’s a great idea, but the arroyo can’t really become more of a wildfire hazard than it already is, and when in Rome …

Now if the heat would just ease off for a bit, it might be easier to get things done. We’ve had high 30s for long enough now that low 30s would feel blissfully cool by comparison. And it’s still only the beginning of July. I have a horrible feeling we’ll be stuck with these temperatures until the beginning of September.

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