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Getting the blood tests done

Written by Louise

I gave in and put the warm air blowing machine on tonight. (I can’t really call it heating because it doesn’t do that – it just blows vaguely warm air around.) It isn’t even that it’s cold, but I felt cold after my workout and my shower … which I do have an explanation for, but I’ll still have to consider moving it forward in the day now that the evenings are getting cooler.

It's even a tiny bit warmer than yesterday evening.

It’s even a tiny bit warmer than yesterday evening.

But tomorrow is going to be much warmer, as they keep telling us.

I finally got my blood tests done today. At least, blood has been taken and it’s gone off to a lab somewhere for the mysterious testing process. I went to the farmacia just down from Mercadona, waited a few minutes, then gave the nurse my list of tests, she asked for my name and phone number, took blood and that was it. She didn’t even want an address, or any kind of identification.

Anonymous blood tests. Sometimes I totally love Spain.

After some of the experiences I’ve had in the past, she also did a surprisingly good job of getting blood out of me. I’ve been told that my veins are difficult to find, and I’ve been left with several needle marks and big bruises. This time, she took a few seconds to find a vein, drew some blood out, taped a bit of cotton wool over it, and that was it. If I didn’t know I’d had blood taken, I wouldn’t even notice there was a mark there.

The tests I think I’m having done (there was a bit of a language barrier) are:

  1. Full blood count
  2. Serum B12
  3. Serum folate (which threw her a bit even though I’d translated it into Spanish because they seem to just call it folic acid here)
  4. Ferritin (iron)

I was going to get vitamin D tested as well, but decided not to because I’m going to supplement regardless, and it makes sense to supplement for a while and then check to see how high it is.

I was back on the drugs this morning – a whole caffeine tablet, paracetamol and ibuprofen – but I think the headache was caused by sleeping badly, and hurting my neck. It doesn’t count as a painkiller-free day, but it doesn’t count as a proper headache.

Took one Jarrow’s 5,000mcg methylB12 (half in the morning, half late afternoon), two of my new 500mcg B12 capsules that I can’t remember the make of (at about 7pm after my workout), 2 Quest One-a-Day multivitamins (one morning, one evening), and the usual 30mg of iron bisglycinate before breakfast. I did take a bit of a methylfolate tablet, although it was hard to tell how much because it crumbled when I tried to cut it – probably 100-150mcg.

My workout this evening was interesting (only word I can think of to describe it). I’d forgotten to take the second half of my Jarrow’s, so decided to put it under my tongue just before I got on the cross trainer. Which was fine. It stayed there quite happily, and I didn’t choke on it! About 20 minutes in, I started to feel really odd. After 25 minutes, I had to stop for a couple of minutes and rest because my heart was beating way faster than it should have been, and I was feeling sick, dizzy and cold. I recovered, and did 10km in 42 minutes, but never felt quite right after that.

The 2 things that were different today were the blood tests in the morning (but she only took about 5ml of blood, so it isn’t like the amount of blood in my body was depleted) and dissolving the Jarrow’s while I was working out. Whether one or the other caused it, or it was purely coincidence, I think I’ll try to avoid both situations in future. I felt very cold and drained afterwards, and my legs and hips still ache a few hours later. But at least my ankle isn’t bothering me today!

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