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Food, drugs and needles

Written by Louise

One of the challenges of living in Spain, but earning money from a variety of different sources, and in a variety of different currencies, around the world, is getting cash into my hands with the minimum of fees. A few years ago, I got a pre-paid debit card from FairFX because that seemed to be the best way to do it at the time. (I’m not sure if their fees are still the lowest, but they still seem fairly competitive, and their withdrawal fees are fixed and low, so I’m happy to stick with them.)

Since the fees with FairFX are fixed, I always try to withdraw at least a couple of weeks’ worth of cash at a time, and since I pay for practically everything in cash (including rent and bills), that’s often a significant amount. Most people do pay for everything in cash here because the credit card culture hasn’t caught on in Spain as much as it has in other countries. You can pay by card in most places, but there’s often a fee unless you spend over a minimum amount, so most people don’t.

This morning, I was trying to work out how much money I would need for the next couple of weeks, and my ‘conversation with myself went like this’.

  • That’s plenty for food, so that’s covered.
  • And drugs.
  • OK, food and drugs.
  • Do I need anything else?
  • You don’t buy anything other than food and drugs.
  • What about needles? I’m getting a bit low on needles.
  • Ok,  food, drugs and needles.

And this is what life is like when you’re B12 deficient. Anyone hearing that would have assumed I was planning to shoot heroin or something!

(Photo: Food! I was going to take a photo of some food, B12 and needles, but then I looked on Google and found a photo of a delicious pizza instead – I’d just have to take the meat off. And I’m hungry now …)

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