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Written by Louise

Sometimes I just can’t believe how bloody stupid I am.

They were just lying there in the shade, looking all sweet and innocent, and I figured they’d be fine for 10 minutes while I took the rubbish down. I was so sure they’d be fine that I even thought, “Oh, there are loose dogs on the track, that’s unusual,” when I got back. Then I realised it was Jimmy and Rufus.

Jimmy taking it easy in the shade.

Jimmy taking it easy in the shade.

So now I have no choice. I have to put them in kennels, I have to get Ian to concrete the fences down, I have to deal with all the difficulty of it. Jimmy’s been out 3 times since I got back. As fast as I block up one hole he digs another one.

And that’s assuming Posh Pets can even take them. I won’t be surprised if they’re completely booked up. I’m not putting them in the other place, so that will leave me with no choice but to chain them up. They don’t need that in this heat, and neither do I.

Whatever happens, it’s going to be expensive. And all for the sake of not bothering to put them in the conservatory.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

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