About me

I’ve had a lot of people asking why I don’t have an ‘about me’ page on this blog.

Honestly, I’ve never felt the need for one – there’s far more than I could possibly share in one page spread across the posts of this blog – but I guess it’s something people want to see, so here it is, in definitions.

Animal lover
Yeah, that’s me. I love animals. I mean, I¬†really love animals … far more than I love most people. My dogs and cats come first, even when it’s inconvenient, or it means sacrificing something I want.

It isn’t possible to define asexuality in a few words, so here are a couple of posts to get your teeth into:
What is asexuality?
Discovering asexuality.

This goes without saying, doesn’t it? I blog, therefore I’m a blogger. I also have a business blog that’s specifically about … er, funnily enough, business stuff.

I’m an on-again/off-again cyclist. I enjoy both road and mountain biking, but I don’t do either of them as often as I should, or as often as I’d like to, thanks to a combination of health issues and sheer laziness.

My family are spread out and I don’t see much of them, which suits me fine because I prefer to choose the people I spend time with based on compatibility rather than shared genetic material. I should also add ‘aunt’ to the list, since I have a niece and nephew now.

I could probably add ‘cynic’ here, since I’m all of these things rolled into one. This is why it’s easier to just read my blog!

I’m one of those profoundly irritating people who earns her living from home, sat in front of her computer (not usually in my underwear, as the scammy ads would have you believe, because I prefer to wear clothes). I’ve been working part-time online, earning a full- time income since early 2009, and what I do is covered in more detail on my business blog.

Even among my fellow Brits, there’s a lot of debate as to what this word actually means. To me, it means someone who lives outside their country of birth. That’s me – British and living in Spain (and have no desire to ever return to the cold, wet island where I was born).

I can procrastinate for England. Really. Just read my blog!

I like to put these together because they – kind of – feed each other. I go through phases of both. Sometimes, I’ll read a novel every few days, and then I won’t read any fiction for months. Other times, I’ll spend every spare minute writing fiction, maybe for months at a time, and then I’ll just stop as suddenly as I started. I’ll read anything, if it’s well written and has a strong story line; I write mostly fantasy. I go through phases of reading non-fiction as well, mostly information on where humanity is going and how totally screwed we are. We’re screwed – honestly. I’ll probably write more about that at some point.

I pick up animals at the side of the road – like Bambi (who I rehomed before I started writing this blog), like Pepsi, like Oli … like Sam. One time, I declared to the Universe that ‘rescuing animals is what I do’. The Universe responded with, “Yes, it is,” and went on to give me plenty of opportunities.

Well, I like to think I’m a runner. I have the mind of a runner, but my body can rarely handle it for longer than a few weeks without saying, “Fuck you.” It’s all about the shoes!

That’s me in labels, but if you really want to know something about me, just read my blog!