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A bird in the bush is worth several in Rufus’ mouth

Written by Louise

I’m relieved to say it’s been warmer today, and that vile wind has calmed down. It’s still blowing a bit, but not as cold as it was.

Weather 17th June 2016

It was weird sleeping with the window shut last night. It isn’t that long since I started leaving it open, but having to close it again in the middle of June just feels odd, when that shouldn’t have to happen until autumn. I opened it again as soon as I got up this morning, but at least keeping it closed through the night had done its job, and the temperature inside the house was a lot warmer. It’s made it back up to 25C indoors again now, which is a great improvement over what it was.

I’ve had a home day today, and have spent much of it rescuing birds from the conservatory. It’s the time of year when the young ones start flying, and the poor things get so confused. One had got in this morning, when I only had the one door half way open, and the dogs were chasing it around. Luckily (for the bird, although Rufus wasn’t so impressed) I managed to catch them and get them in the house before either of them grabbed it. I stayed out there to keep an eye on it (mostly to make sure it actually went before I let the dogs back out), and it was just fluttering against the same window, apparently in the hope that something would change and it would be able to fly away. Eventually, it made it out.

I always wonder if birds that get trapped in the conservatory really do survive, or if they’re so traumatised by the experience that they die of shock later. I really hope they make it.

Then, earlier this evening, Jimmy came over to where I was sitting, in my summer spot at the table by the pond, and presented me with a large, brown bird – dead, of course. I have no idea where he got it from because I was sitting right outside the conservatory, and I’m sure I would have heard a bird that size flying into the glass. He spent the next couple of hours carrying it everywhere with him, then thought he was bringing it in the house. Er, no. Bad idea, Jimmy. It’s now in its final resting place in the arroyo.

It’s interesting to note that I haven’t felt the need to take painkillers much this week. There seems to be a pattern developing here …

(Photo: I have no idea what kind of bird it is – I found it on a stock photo site – but it is the right colour. And I wasn’t going to take a photo of the dead one.)

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